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Take Care of Your Family by Taking Care of Yourself.

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re preparing your birth plan, but don’t forget to speak with your healthcare team before delivery about your personal risk for blood clots. Remember that, in many cases, steps can be taken to help prevent blood clots.4

Spread the Word—Help Educate Others.

The One in 1,000 campaign is designed to raise awareness around the heightened risk for blood clots during pregnancy, particularly during and following C-section and during the immediate postpartum period.

This campaign empowers women to take action against blood clots, including having a conversation with their healthcare team about personal risk and taking appropriate preventive actions.

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Approximately one woman in every thousand is at-risk for developing a potentially life-threatening blood clot during pregnancy.1 By understanding your personal risk, your healthcare team can take the appropriate measures to help protect your health or the health of a loved one. Take the pledge to signify that you intend to talk to your healthcare team about your personal risk for blood clots. Help protect yourself and your family.

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I understand that it’s important to know my personal risk for blood clots during pregnancy. I pledge to talk to my healthcare team about my personal risk and/or tell a loved one to speak with a qualified healthcare provider.

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